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7 Ways To Increase Income

posted by Stephen Pierce @ 6:09 AM
Monday, November 14, 2011

Before I give you a few ideas you can use to increase income, let me give you a quick heads up.

In part two of this post, I will give you a video training where I’ll be sharing with you a method to help you make money now… not later… I mean right now without having a website or even your own products.

In fact, if you jump on it and use it, you could cash in on the Christmas season and legally pick-pocket people for cash that you can stuff into your own bank account.

Listen closely… anyone can do what I’ll reveal tomorrow. This method is so ridiculously easy and dumbfounding effective that you’ll lose sleep over the excitement.

The video will be roughly 30 minutes in length so be prepared to schedule that viewing time in your day tomorrow.

And by the way, just one of the things I reveal in this video will make even the smartest marketers fall out of their chair in awe and laughter from both it’s simplicity and brilliance… and again, it’s something anyone can do to make more more in business and increase personal income …even if you have never made money in anything else before.

The only way to get it wrong is to not do it. And when you see it, not doing is not going to be an option… trust me. icon smile 7 Ways To Increase Income

Okay, enough of the preview for tomorrow’s post. Let’s now take a quick look at 7 ways to increase income.

#1 Consult to Increase Income

Chances are you’re already lending a helping hand to your clients. Why not charge for your consulting services and earn a higher monthly income? For example, if you’re a web designer your clients may ask a number of questions about organizing a website, design, and what software and technologies you recommend. Charge a consulting fee and make money by helping your customers build better websites and businesses.

#2 Affiliate Programs to Increase Income

Do you have products or services that you absolutely love? Do you find that you’re often recommending services or products to others? Why not earn a commission from those recommendations? You can include a list of recommended products and services on your website or blog. You can also write articles or reviews and link to your affiliate products.

#3 Referral Programs to Increase Income

If you don’t have a consistently full schedule, consider creating a referral program. Reward your existing customers for sending new customers to you. For example, you might give a customer a credit toward your services for each new customer they send your way. You can also create an affiliate program and actually pay people a commission when they send you new clients.

#4 Add Services to Increase Income

Another way to boost your monthly income is to expand your services. For example, if you offer website design you might also consider offering website content. Now, you don’t have to actually write the content. You could outsource it to a provider. For example, you charge $10 per article and pay $5 per article. You make $5 per article simply for facilitating and providing a full website package.

#5 Advertising to Increase Income

In addition to promoting affiliate products or services on your site, you might also sell advertising space. You can sell ad space on your website and in your newsletter if you have one.

#6 Membership Programs to Increase Income

A membership program provides you with a consistent monthly income. It helps you make more money each month. Your prospects and customers will become members because it provides them with a discount. It also provides them with consistency. For example, if you’re a freelance blogger you might offer a monthly membership where each client receives 25 blogs a month at a discounted rate when they sign up for and agree to automatic payments.

#7 Increase Income by… to be revealed in part two of this post tomorrow.

If you’re looking for ways to increase income and aren’t ready or willing to increase your rates, consider one or more of these seven tips. They’re tried and true and they work in any economy.

No be sure to come back here tomorrow for your video training and learn what the #7 is to increase income… and in fact, after you see it I’m sure you will agree that the #7 way is actually the #1 way when you consider it’s straightforward simplicity, proven effectiveness and ease of execution.

See ya back here tomorrow with the video.

icon smile 7 Ways To Increase Income

 7 Ways To Increase Income

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