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Riak CS Lets Users Replicate Data Globally

posted by Michael Garrity @ 7:46 AM
Saturday, December 8, 2012

Customers can now replicate Riak Cloud Storage (Riak CS) data across multiple data centers to assure its users that they can avoid disruptions from outages and serve content faster to multiple geographic locations, all while building upon its existing compatibility with Amazon S3.

The cloud storage service from Basho Technologies will now allow customers to spread their stored data over a series of data centers located around the world, and the integration of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure guarantees high availability. Basically, Riak CS customers will now be able to replicate their stored data on any data center they want on their own terms, in addition all of the benefits of using AWS, just to sweeten the deal. This solution also reduces some of the risks commonly associated with AWS.

Moreoever, these new replication capabilities will break large data objects into smaller blocks that will be streamed to the underlying Riak cluster, where they will then be replicated for high availability. A manifest for each object will be maintained, allowing the service to retrieve each block from the cluster and present the full object to the end-user. Global information, bucket information and manifests will all be streamed in real-time from a primary implementation to a secondary site for multi-site replication, and objects can be replicated in either “full” or “real-time” sync modes.

Riak CS, built upon Riak, the open source distributed NoSQL database, was just released by Basho last year, and the Amazon S3 integration, which provides Riak CS customers with access to S3 tools and frameworks, was only announced early in 2012.


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DreamHost’s Cloud Storage Service Goes Beta

posted by Michael Garrity @ 10:10 AM
Friday, September 7, 2012

DreamHost, the Web hosting and cloud computing company, is diving into the cloud-based object storage industry with its new DreamObjects service, which is built upon the open source Ceph file system originally developed by – who else? – DreamHost.

In addition to the Ceph file system, DreamObjects was built on a variety of other open source tools, including the Ubuntu Linux 12.4 OS distribution from Canonical and the open source Chef tool for automated provisioning and configuration. DreamHost will also be contributing code back to these open source communities.

Over 300,000 developers and entrepreneurs, across the world, currently make up DreamHost’s customers, and the company has been designing much of DreamObjects’s functionality based on that audience’s needs thanks to initial feedback.

Among the primary features of the DreamObjects service is API compatibility with other major object storage services (including Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files). It will also come with easy-to-use interfaces and simple pricing schemes that come standard with the service.

Pricing starts at seven cents per GB per month, and can dip below five cents per GB per month for some monthly prepaid plans. To transfer data from the service it will cost seven cents per GB.

Initially, DreamObjects will be offered as a public beta, and interested users can sign up on DreamHost's website. The company also plans to offer a free two-month trial of DreamObjects with 10GB of storage and 20GB of transfer data, only charging the regular rates for overage beyond the trial-sized resources.


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Secure Sharing with the Cloud

posted by Michael Garrity @ 7:40 PM
Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Plenty has been written about the baggage that security concerns attach to the cloud. These problems are obviously multiplied when it comes to sharing documents and information up there. This continues to be among the biggest hindrances to rapid cloud adoption for some companies.

Many companies recognize this, however, and have been working to find the best solutions available. Yesterday, it was announced that secure mobile messaging platform TigerText was offering API integration with Dropbox that would let users securely send documents using the cloud storage service. All of the documents will be encrypted so that they can’t be downloaded, copied, or forwarded, and the pairing offers additional features like a pre-set lifespan and file attachment recall at any time.

The two companies worked to make sure this integration would be worthwhile for everyone, from the average Dropbox customer that shares files with friends and family to businesses sending highly sensitive information.

“Anyone who has information that they would like to be able to share through messaging, but won’t build a platform themselves, can now have an extension to communicate in a secure fashion,” says TigerText President Brad Brooks.

This new Dropbox integration feature will be immediately released to consumers, and will be offered to enterprise organizations by the week’s end. To start, users can access their Dropbox accounts using the TigerText iOS app, with Android and Blackberry availability to come.

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Cloud Platform Partners with HP

posted by Peter A. Prestipino @ 12:30 PM
Monday, December 5, 2011

Cloud storage platform announced a partnership with HP today to bring the company’s offerings to select HP desktops.

Starting today, HP Elite and HP Pro desktop business PCs users have access to offers from Box that include increased storage capacity and enterprise synchronization for use in collaboration and content management in the cloud.

Users that purchase a new HP Compaq Pro 6500 or 6200 Series PC will receive a free Box account with 10 GB of storage – double the size of a typical Box account – with the option to upgrade to additional capacities at a reduced annual rate. is also offering those purchasing a new HP Elite 8200 Series PC a Box account with unlimited storage and sync at no cost for one year. was listed in Website Magazine’s 50 Top Sites for Web Designers in March 2011.

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