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Archive for February 14th, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! In today’s ecommerce news briefs, we’ll, find out why February 14th is “like the Super Bowl” for some retailers, and examine a recent study that claims that ecommerce improves the quality of life of its shoppers. Valentine’s Day Ecommerce: “Like The Super Bowl?” How is Valentine’s Day like the Super Bowl? If you are an online retailer who specializes in flowers, candy, jewelry, and other romance-related gifts, February 14th is probably one of your biggest sales days of the year.  According to Internet Retailer, some ecommerce stores begin their Valentine’s Day planning in November, and open temporary fulfillment centers to deal with high order demand. In order to tap into the market of online Valentine-gift shoppers, and last-minute shoppers, many ecommerce stores also began offering free shipping, and other perks to their customers.  Internet Retailer reports that offered free FedEx Standard Overnight shipping on all orders of $195.00 or more placed by 12:30 pm yesterday, February 13th. Several other stores mentioned in the same article offered similar promotions.   Ecommerce Improves Quality Of Life For Shoppers, Study Finds We all know that ecommerce has revolutionized the way that millions of people shop around the world, and that it is convenient and saves time, but does it improve the quality of the lives of the people who shop online? According to Website Magazine, a study conducted by Duetsche Post DHL says yes.  Of those surveyed, 44 percent of online shoppers in Germany say that ecommerce improves their quality of life by helping them to manage their time better, be less stressed, and have fun discovering and purchasing products online. The study also found that many of the shoppers surveyed enjoyed receiving the items that they had ordered in the mail, likening it to the excitement of receiving an unexpected gift. How happy are your ecommerce customers?  When it comes to the online shopping experience, it is often the little things that make the biggest difference. These can include clear and fair return policies, ease of ordering, interactive site features, and the ability to connect with a company via social media
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